Friday, 11 May 2012

Picture Perfect Experiment



Shekhar and Ritwika sat together on that bench quietly. This bench was the hallmark of their friendship. So many memories, so many moments. This was their special place, sacred to both of them, their property. They came here when they wanted to talk, they came here when they wanted to fight. They weaved their dreams, shared their secrets, talked about their future, made-up after fights, laughed together here. This bench, this place had witnessed so many precious moments of their lives, and was perhaps about to be a witness to the most important one yet. The one where either their paths would be one from thither, or they would part forever, their paths never to cross again.

I was so stupid, cried Shekhar. Ritwika sat calmly but for the maelstorm of emotions that her heart contained.

I made a fool of myself in a spectacular fashion. I am an idiot”, he lamented.

Ritwika’s heart consented with his words, but her lips denied the same.

Ofcourse not, everybody makes mistakes. You are not the only one who got fooled”.

Yes, I know. But I should have seen it coming. I let myself be trapped”.

Ritwika kept quiet. She wanted to soothe his heart but also she could not deny the truth. He HAD made a fool of himself. He HAD been stupid and gullible. There was no denying that.

Say something”, he implored, looking towards her beautiful face. Ritwika could not avoid him anymore. She looked into his eyes- his beautiful green eyes which had been haunting her for the past four years- and skipped a heartbeat, surprised at how he could still instill in her the emotions she had thought were long gone now.

They kept gazing into each other’s eyes, searching for those unanswered questions, for so many answers, searching for those two persons who lost themselves in the cobwebs of life. Ritwika smiled. That smile, bearer of so many memories, so many moments, so many mysteries. Shekhar’s involuntary smile in response to hers brought him to an epiphany.

I love you”, he said, “I love you hamesha and forever wala”.

Ritwika smiled with tears in her eyes, pulled him close and whispered,”What took you so long?

NOTE: This post was an experiment by our very own, popular, witty, funny- Spaceman Spiff. I started to think of this story when I read her post. I did not have a blog at that time and so I pushed the story out of my mind. Now that I do have a blog, here I am with my story on that picture.

P.S: This is my first attempt at fiction. Please be kind. :)
P.P.S: You are welcome to comment, criticize, suggest and advise.
P.P.P.S: Aren't all the love stories in the world unique in their own way? Share with me your own love story. :)


  1. It was Spiff's blog and even I posted a story on that picture. Actually I was the only one :D but so glad that you came up with your version. Check out for the picture perfect experiment on my blog or Spiff's blog. You will find the picture there :)

    And about the story- SO so cute!! And Awww for 'I love you hamesha and forever wala'! :)

  2. I had an inkling that it was Spiff's blog. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks. :D

  3. Hey Niharika, something for you on my blog, I dint want to inform you personally but your absence made me do so! Come soon :)

  4. For a first outing, this was really good. No, seriously.. :)

  5. WOW!! Thank the youuuuuuuussss!! I really appreciate it. I am honored. Please visit again. :D