Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I have been Awarded!!!!
Main chali main chali dekho pyaar ki gali, mujhe roke na koi main chali main chali!!!!!

CD from Pagal Hain Kya?!?  *oooooh! Chahe koi mujhe pagal kahe! Kehne do ji kehta rahe!* Awarded me with the Versatile Blogger Award!! 

 *Grinning-from-ear-to-ear*. :D

So I am accepting this award. *Who wouldn’t? Vanity is fair.* Thank the youuuuuusss my lovely, pagal CD, though I am approx. two months and four (now five) posts old and definitely do not deserve it because let’s face it, other people Are GOOD.

So now with the rules:-
- Create a new post.
- Thank the lovely (pagal, in this case) person who nominated you for the award.
- Pass it on to your fellow deserving bloggers.
- State 7 randomn facts about you.

I am sharing this award with

Poloumi from Girl Next Door is a cute fashionista and a great writer. She writes about so many different topics under the sun. I first thought about having my own blog after reading her. She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me think, she inspired me. Head over there, RIGHT NOW. Like she always says, she is AWESOME.

PeeVee from Confessions of Chocolate Obssessed is my second inspiration. She writes so effortlessly that you fall in love with her words, her sensitivity. Her posts are engrossing, funny, cute and inspirational for me to become as good as a writer as her.

Kalpak from Noises of my Empty Vessel is best known for his Toilet-Humor and his love of Scarlett Johansenn’s breasts *I kid you not*. If you still don’t know what I am talking about read it here. Now this guy has been missing from the blog world since 3 months. I suspect another alien abduction but I can be fairly over-imaginative. So Mr.Poophead, if you are alive, please come back or the world may start slut-walks and protests for your return.

Now for the 7 randomn facts:

1.   I have done 12 years of my schooling in approximately 10 different states. My class 8th was completed in three different states. The first three months in West Bengal, next three in Punjab and the last in U.P. The woes of having a father with a transerable job!! Damn you government.

2.   I am afraid of the dark. I feel all sorts of ghosts, spirits and demons will grab me.

3.  I often create scenarios and stories in my mind which I want should happen in my life someday. *Call me delusional. I DON’T CARE.*

4.  I am incapable of saying sorry. I can write it, can’t say it. Even if I know I am wrong.

5. I always ask my Mum what to wear before going out. And almost always I never wear the one which she chooses. It’s just the ritual of asking that I like. It irritates Mum so much so that now she replies, “NOTHING. Just go naked, and see the jalwa.”
       6.I am the example of ‘ladkiyo ke pet me koi baat nahi pachti*. If something happens I have to tell, discuss and over-analyze it with my brother or my best-friend.

       7. Whenever I climb stairs, my first and last step has to be with the right leg. 

So now I am going to answer the seven mysterious questions that CD asked. WHAT?! No one said I couldn’t do both.

Main chahe ye karu, main chahe wo karu, meri marzi!! MERI MARZI!!

Q:1) Have you stopped getting those mental attacks you used to get earlier?
1        No. I still have them. But the frequency has reduced considerably since you recommended those medicines which helped stopping yours. :p
2   Q:2) My name is "I" and Your name is "You". Tell me who is mad?
 I        I am absolutely, unconditionally and irrevocably mad. So whether it’s YOU whose name is I or  I whose name is YOU, we know who is the mad one, don’t we? ;)

3    Q:3) What means kya?
         Kya means what. (‘.’ )  ( ‘.’) (‘.’) WHAT? Your question didn’t make sense too.

4   Q:4) If you had 'Alladin's lamp' , what would you ask for me?
            I would ask for every happiness to be granted to you.

5   Q:5) Tell me the name of the persons who shake their hands on Nokia instruments?
            I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you. What would become of that poor hubby of yours then?? Let’s spare him the misery and keep it a secret.

6   Q: 6) When is your birthday?
   Will you get a gift for me if I told you?

7    Q:7) I am hungry! What will you cook for me? I am a vegetarian.
           Maggi ‘not-2-min-noodles’. It’s either this or my onion-floating-yellow-daal and tedhi-medhi chappati.

          This finally concludes my task. I hope I did good.

     P.S.: So I did not become an Aamir Khan.
     P.P.S.: Read all of the people I mentioned here and then COME BACK here and tell me whether I was right or not.
     P.P.P.S.: You can either answer the questions or do the random facts or both.
     P.P.P.P.S.: The rest of you are welcome to felicitate me with any other award. :p

Friday, 11 May 2012

Picture Perfect Experiment



Shekhar and Ritwika sat together on that bench quietly. This bench was the hallmark of their friendship. So many memories, so many moments. This was their special place, sacred to both of them, their property. They came here when they wanted to talk, they came here when they wanted to fight. They weaved their dreams, shared their secrets, talked about their future, made-up after fights, laughed together here. This bench, this place had witnessed so many precious moments of their lives, and was perhaps about to be a witness to the most important one yet. The one where either their paths would be one from thither, or they would part forever, their paths never to cross again.

I was so stupid, cried Shekhar. Ritwika sat calmly but for the maelstorm of emotions that her heart contained.

I made a fool of myself in a spectacular fashion. I am an idiot”, he lamented.

Ritwika’s heart consented with his words, but her lips denied the same.

Ofcourse not, everybody makes mistakes. You are not the only one who got fooled”.

Yes, I know. But I should have seen it coming. I let myself be trapped”.

Ritwika kept quiet. She wanted to soothe his heart but also she could not deny the truth. He HAD made a fool of himself. He HAD been stupid and gullible. There was no denying that.

Say something”, he implored, looking towards her beautiful face. Ritwika could not avoid him anymore. She looked into his eyes- his beautiful green eyes which had been haunting her for the past four years- and skipped a heartbeat, surprised at how he could still instill in her the emotions she had thought were long gone now.

They kept gazing into each other’s eyes, searching for those unanswered questions, for so many answers, searching for those two persons who lost themselves in the cobwebs of life. Ritwika smiled. That smile, bearer of so many memories, so many moments, so many mysteries. Shekhar’s involuntary smile in response to hers brought him to an epiphany.

I love you”, he said, “I love you hamesha and forever wala”.

Ritwika smiled with tears in her eyes, pulled him close and whispered,”What took you so long?

NOTE: This post was an experiment by our very own, popular, witty, funny- Spaceman Spiff. I started to think of this story when I read her post. I did not have a blog at that time and so I pushed the story out of my mind. Now that I do have a blog, here I am with my story on that picture.

P.S: This is my first attempt at fiction. Please be kind. :)
P.P.S: You are welcome to comment, criticize, suggest and advise.
P.P.P.S: Aren't all the love stories in the world unique in their own way? Share with me your own love story. :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Month that Was: April

April. It was a month of disasters, realizations, blunders, sadness, boredom and a helluva lot more feelings for me. 
I learned that you should never ever plan anything in your life. Dewaaro ke kaan hote hain. Someone somewhere gets to know you are trying to do something good and then they screw it up for you. I learned that you should always be on alert, on the lookout, for that screw-up time of your life, because it does come. who are we kidding? Human life is not meant for happiness. I learned that you should always have a back-up plan, because when plan A fails,there should be a plan-B. Otherwise, you cry like a two year old child, whose toy got broken and didn't have a spare one. I learned that no matter how hard you try, some people just choose to see you as a 'glass-half-empty' case. I learned that nothing ever happens the way you want it to. n whose 'want' it happens, i don't know, but certainly it does not happen on my 'want'. I learned that you should not hold on to people who do not want to hold onto you. I learned it, but I certainly cannot seem to follow it. I learned that when you fall from your high horse, your butt hurts like hell. I learned that life is not a camera or an ice-cream ( seriously?!) or a ride or a journey or all of that stupid stuff. Life is terrifying and unpredictable and funny and cruel and sometimes sweet. I learned who my true friend really is. I learned how much I love my Mom. I decided to quit studying for M.B.B.S after 3 years of preparations, which got me a railroading from my family. I learned that I have no frigging idea what I want to do in my life. I do not see myself as anything in the future. I learned that I have not learned anything yet, and I have so much more learning to do. I learned that it is possible to do nothing and yet get tired. I learned that planning and spontaneity are both stupid. Most people have no idea what they are doing too. I learned that I am no different and I have the same dreams, fears, insecurities, strengths, weaknesses as a thousand other humans have. But I also learned that I am unique in my own special way.

 I fell, I got up. I screwed up, I leaned a lot. I cried my heart out, I laughed. I fought, I made-up. I refused to accept, I learned again. I loved, I hated. I felt despair, I felt hope. My world got good, and everything shattered again. I slept like a dog, I ate like a pig. I fought everyone, I despised myself. I created a lot of shit, I hurt a lot of people. I lied, I sneaked, I rebelled, I yelled. I cried, I shouted, I laughed, I screamed. I loved, I got loved. I despaired, I hoped. I danced, and I fell flat on my face. I had fun, and the next moment I felt the world ending. I remained in denial, I learned the truths the hard way. I lived my life, I tried to survive.

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