Thursday, 12 April 2012


Saali main toh blogger ban gayin. Blogger ban ke kaisi tan gayi.

Oh! You guys are here! Ahem Ahem!

Hello my fellow bloggers, and my lovely faithful followers. Yes, you THREE. The rest of you are going to die if you don't follow me soon. How be youuuu?

So, since this hasn't been done in a very long time, and most of the people out there are bored of writing a thousand facts about themselves, I thought why not do this? I'm new, this is my blog, and therefore I am entitled to write interesting boring stuffs about myself. So here goes.

            1.    I am a sucker for love stories.

                     Proof: I watch Hindi T.V serials. Yes, I am crazy. No, I am not                                an middle aged housewife.

            2.    Creeping, crawling creatures scare me.

            3.    I wait for the other person to text me first. ALWAYS. Even if my brain goes, “Text ALREADY!!”

            4.    I was once ostracized by the girls of my class *YES! ALL of them.* and they didn’t talk to me for over a month. My crime was that I didn’t do what the ‘leading lady’ asked me to, rolled my eyes at her and then refused to say sorry. I was 10.

            5.    I can’t sleep unless the doors and almirah are closed.

            6.    I am afraid of heights. I’d rather eat dirt than stand on the edge of anything high.

            7.    I find it hard to say NO. Especially to the people I care about.

            8.    Bad hair days make me cranky.

9.      I love surprises. Who doesn’t? so, if you want to surprise me by increasing the number of my followers from two to a hundred overnight, I don’t mind.
10.I am a clutz. I have the unique ability of tripping on flat surfaces and bumping into the corners of hairdressers, bed-sides, drawers, tables etc.

11.I hate winters with the fury of a mad Spartan. All  that bundling up under numerous layers of clothing. Aargh!

12.I love water kingdoms.

13.I survive on songs. I go to sleep with songs. Songs help me live.

14.Eating is one of the reasons I live. Someone somewhere created us with taste buds and a sensitive palate for a reason. If you don’t enjoy eating food, WHAT are you doing?

15.I don’t like my weaknesses exposed. If I’m hurt and sad, I lash out at people, I get angry.

16.Money doesn’t normally like to stay in my hands. If I’ve got ’em, I HAVE to spend ’em.

17.I am extremely lazy.

Proof: I’d rather stay hungry, than get up and make something for myself.

18.I am jealous and possessive. Try to take my best friend away and, You. Are. Dead.

19.There are two kinds of people. One who keep chasing after the storm after everything is over. Second, who realize the futility of the action and stop. I’m the former kind.

20.I hate it when people make wrong assumptions about you and then they don’t even have the guts to speak it to your face. I hate it when people change. I hate it when I am the only one who cares. At least if they came face to face you could break their nose.

21.I can survive without food for days, provided you give me a box of novels and my favorite movies.

22.I have this stupid habit of speaking too much when I feel guilty. I go on yapping about the most insignificant of things until I feel they have no reason to suspect me.

23.I love my mom and brother. Without them, I wouldn’t be what I am, where I am.

24.Best friends make life a better place. You can be in the worst of moods, and talking to him/her can cheer you up, make you believe in a better world.

25.A bad situation always seems worse on the day it happened. After a night’s sleep, perspective changes.

26.I don’t understand that doing something is a mistake until I fall flat on my face.

27.I never look into the mirror when wake up at night to get water.
( ’.’)
(’.’ )
Oh! You are looking at me. Your own face staring at you with an evil smile is scary, okay.

28.I hate cleaning up. Mess doesn’t bother me at all.

29.I get really hungry when I’m PMS’ing.

30.I make mistakes, and create a helluva more shit trying to clear up the mess.

31. I spend hours creating my own hairstyles in the washroom. my mom often wonders about the existence of of a secret boyfriend.

32. DAMON SALVATORE. Enough said.

P.S.: My heartiest thanks to my awesome followers.


P.P.P.S: I like the idea of 32 points. Somehow it sounds odd, and very me.


  1. King Of Falusha12 April 2012 at 06:01

    well its weird..i was like yeah this gal is just like me..

    1. HAHA! I am glad we have something in common. please stop by again. :)

  2. Saali tu toh blogger ban gayi :D Congo my girl!!

    Hello Niharika......One of your followers is fine :) And other fellow bloggers- follow her and then die :P

    You know just today I was about to comment ki madam toh just after one post aaram farma rahe hain! Hell....You are back!! *Yay*

    1) You watch TV serials!! You and your mom in law will makea great pair :D
    2) too!
    3) too!
    4)sacchi!! You should have taught that ***** a lesson!
    5)You know! Its the same with me :D I find it spooky when the doors make noise when they are open :P
    6)hehe...same here!
    7)Aww....Now I just have to make a puppy face to get things done from you :D
    8)You are cranky too!
    9)Surprise....surprise! :) May you be blessed with as many followers you want :D
    10)haha...:P Sorry! Couldn't help. Happens with me also :D
    11)I LOVE winters! Except the clothing part :D
    12)Me too! Summers have begun....lets go together :D
    13)Shame to shame! If patting doesn't put me to sleep, songs do!
    14)Exactly!! Live to eat!
    15)hmm.....I undersatnd. This is the same with me.
    16)What is with money!! Dammit....happens with me also!
    17)Same here! I am lazy regarding myself. Someone else gives me a work and its done IMMEDIATELY!
    18)And what about your man?? :P Possessive about him??
    19, 20, 21) Same!
    22)haha :P
    23)Me too!
    24, 25)I TOTALLY agree!
    26)Its okay! Life teaches and you will learn :)
    27)Same here! Infact, I ask my man to get water for me and I wake him every night before going to the loo! It actually is scary, staring at yourself!
    28)I hate messy things!
    29)This happens with me too! And the worst part, entering kitchen is banned during those days :(
    30)Chill maro baby!
    31)What is with you and your hair! Leave the poor thing. Love it babe....the weather these days won't let you stay together for long :(
    32)DAMON SALVATORE! Enough said.

    P.S. You are welcome my love :*
    P.P.S. Promoting me :D I owe you one babe!
    P.P.P.S. Even I thought so :)

    You are back and whatay post!! Hilarious post and You ROCK! :*

    1. You woman, are brilliant and I might add patient too. you actually read the WHOLE thing, even though I most people would just go through it. THANKS!

      1. Me and Mo-in-Law are not going to happen for a very long time.
      4. Well! i was 10. i didn't know how.
      7. Yeah sure. but don't make me do a lot of stuff. remember the laziness? ;)
      12. sure. :)
      17. it's the opposite. I might by mistake do something for myself. But all my teenage rebellion instincts flare up if someone asks me to do something.
      18. I have never been in a relationship. so I wouldn't know about that now, would I? although if i had to guess, I think I will be the jealous type.
      29. Aww! too bad. it's not that way in my household. i can hog and eat ALL I want.

      P.S: it would have been promotion if a lot of people read me. since only four do, and one of them is you, it cannot be really called that.

  3. Good to know a looooooot about you.... good luck with many more posts... :) you have got another follower.. :)

    1. Oh thank you!! Keep coming back. :)

  4. Somehow reminds me very, very strongly of when I started out as a blogger :D

    1. Here's to hoping that two years from now, I will be as good a blogger as YOU are now.
      Cheers! :D

  5. You love only your mother and brother. Not your sister? :P

  6. I have always wanted one, but I don't have a sibling sister.

  7. hehe! great post, loved the tongue and cheek humor!

    1. Thank you!!

      Welcome here!! Visit again! :D