Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Blah Blah Blah

Some people talk SO much. They keep on blabbering about how 'padhos ki chintu ki mummy ne kal chintu ke papa se kya kaha, aur phir adhos ki mintu ki mummy kitni chudail aurat hai aur kitna bak bak bak karti hain'. See the irony?

People love to talk. About themselves. About their problems. About their pinky who is doing SOOOOO well at her sasuraal. About 'petrol ke badhte daam'. About their non-existent love lives, which people pretend that it does exist, and with 'burning passion'. (What does that even mean??) *Flabbergasted face*
About padhos ki "chammak challo jo mere 'in pe' line maarti ha"'. Seriously? Are jab khud hi apne pati pe line tu nahi maarti toh padhos ki chammak challo ko kya interest hoga meri maa. People just go on yabbering about anything and everything.

*So Pooja Pandey FINALLY fulfilled her promise.*

Okay back on the topic. What exactly was the topic again?? Anyways chodo.

Hayyeeee reeeee Garrrrmmiiiiiiiii.

I remember a movie in which there was a woman singing 'sensational lyrics' in a dance contest. And the sensational lyrics were...   *DRUM ROLLS*

"It's HOT. I am on fire."

*No I am not kidding.*  *Serious Face*

So did you ever wonder why the name of West Bengal (which is not in the west), has been changed to Paschim Banga (which is still not in the west)??


Don't even think\write\blog\joke about it. Your blog might end up being banned by 'kanoon ke rakshak', and you won't even know what the hell happened.

I finally watched the movie 'The Descendants'. Complete bore. *Blank Face*
The title doesn't make much sense, the acting wasn't that good, the story line was complete bleh, plus I just couldn't digest the fact that a guy can forgive SO easily her cheating wife and her stupid ugly lover. If any one of you saw the movie and liked it, then don't you dare tell me. Otherwise I'll have to kill you.

BTW, I heard Avengers was awesome. Le shall watch it soon.

I don't understand the hype 'Satyamev Jayate' has got. Talk shows like these have been shown on television, held in various places before. I am not degrading what the show is about. It's a great show. Very informative. But just because it's Amir Khan and not some random unknown person hostng the show, it's getting a lot of attention. People, hosta and channels who have been doing these kind of shows before should be given credit too.

*Kehte hain hain khuda ne is jahan me sabhi ke liye, kisi na kisi ko hain banaya har kisi ke liye*  *Dreamy face*

Ahem Ahem!! Don't look at me like that. I LOVE this song. Plus the weather's all romantic with the 'thandi hawayyyyyyeeee' and the 'tip tip barsa paani. paani ne aag lagayyiiiiii'.

Ooooh I am hungry. Koi kuch lekar aaaoooo mere liyeeee.. marr gayii reeee main.

P.S.: I know. I also felt ki mera dimag kharab ho gaya hain. I have taken my daily dose of medicines. but they don't seem to work so well. Doctorrr. Tu toh gaya.
P.P.S.: I am getting bored. Suggest me some good songs. PLIZZZ??
P.P.P.S: I know this post didn't make any sense whatsoever. But it had been long since I wrote and I NEED to write.
P.P.P.P.S.: To quote CD, "Please bear with me"

P.P.P.P.P.S: Dogs are sooooo cute.


  1. One heck of a post this one - super random and funny it was.

    Sorry for sounding like a prude but could you consider cutting down on the amount of Hindi so that everyone can follow?

    Cheers :)

    1. Thank You (^_~)

      Some things sound better in hindi. But you said it, I'll work on it my lord.

  2. king of falusha12 June 2012 at 21:17

    ya have a way of turning a normal line into something funny n hilarious wid yer sense of humour..gud work..

  3. Hey, I know for a fact that people love to talk but what makes things fun is how much they HATE to listen, that's probably one of the coolest challenges in life to find people who're willing to sit through your blah-ness. :)

  4. Ha! Thanks for sitting through MY blah-ness. :)

  5. Haha..So true!
    Why cant they just keep their pokey noses in their own businesses?!
    Frustrating, I tell you!
    Bdw, I rant just as much as you do! *High Five*
    Lets follow each other? ;)